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Bevenbi was established in 2009. Frank, the founder, was born in the electronic engineering family. He has been showing great interests in the electronic and electrical engineering since 10 years old. He majored in electronic engineering in college and then went to Taiwan for further study. After the completion of the study, Frank has been devoted to the field of electronic components engineering and manufacturing. At the very beginning, he has also been devoted to building our own brand “Bevenbi”.

Since establishment, Bevenbi insists on the idea of building the industry's life community with our customer, and dedicated to providing our customer with a whole set of capacitor application solution. Besides product manufacturing, a large amount of enterprise resources are put into the research and development of the product. Along the way, Bevenbi capacitors have gone through the transition from “hidden treasure” to high-end products and brand.

At present, our products has received good feedback in energy saving equipment, lighting systems, high-end audio, power supply, industrial equipment and other products in the suppression and cross-connection circuits. 

Our production range is including film capacitors(axial PP and PE ones, radial coated ones,radial box type,X2) as well as electrolytic capacitors(radial and axial ones). The product is mainly used in electronic coupling, filtering, noise reduction, bypass and other DC and pulse circuits, such as audio, power amplifier, lighting, PFC transformer, electronic ballast, switching power supply, home appliances, electric tools and Industrial equipment products.

Under the leadership of Frank, the company has developed into the R & D team for 26 people, the quality control team for 19 people. The monthly production capacity is 30 million, and our customers are all over the world. In order to meet the customers' expectations for efficiency and service, the company has successively set offices in Italy, Indonesia and following plan in Brazil.

The world's technological reform is rapid. In the future, we will regard meeting our customers’ requirements as starting point , and will focus on the continuous R & D of products. The first time we will share with you the results of our research and development. Truly hope we can grow together.

Development History

Enterprise Concept


Our Technology

We are not the largest manufacturer of capacitors, but we are equipped with the world's leading experimental instruments such as HP4284LCR test bridge / DB602 insulation resistance tester and quality assurance automatic test line from Italy.

we also have the same level of manufacturing equipment as that in aviation.

All these make sure of the best performance of our capacitors , from the source to the delivery, and improve production efficiency.

What’s more, we can develop and manufacture special products according to the conditions of our customers. Because we have a professional R & D team and more than 20 years experience in the industry. For higher-end applications, we also have more than 40 years of experience in the capacitor field of Taiwan Fushun FULL consultant professional technical guidance; we have established a global well-known counterparts in product development center to ensure continuous product innovation.

Product development verification

Each new product we launch starts with the customer's use requirements, combines the customer's application environment, thus making it higher than the standard test. After our internal verification, we will also take the new launched product to the national laboratory and the international authority certification authority to do the final verification.

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